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The EnCORE project

The digital era is changing the role of educators and there is a great number of pedagogical content ready to be used for the design of courses to answer students’ needs for ever-changing skills. 
Our project ENCORE aims to support this change, by contributing to the teaching and recognition of the skills most affected by macro-trends (digitalization, climate change and post-COVID economic recovery challenges).
ENCORE is a Co-funded Erasmus+ project and specifically an “Alliances for Innovation” that aims at
1. Fostering new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning: fostering innovation in education design and delivery, teaching methods, assessment techniques, learning environments and/or developing new skills;
2. Stimulating a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial attitudes, mindset and skills in learners, educational staff and other workers, in line with the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework;
3. Improving the quality and relevance of skills developed and certified through education and training systems (including new skills and tackling skills mismatches);
4. Facilitating the flow and co-creation of knowledge between higher education and vocational education and training, research, the public sector and the business sector;
The ENCORE consortium is working on the first tasks of the project and is showing a great collaborative spirit to reach the identified targets.

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