13 March 2024, 10:00- 12:00– ENCORE ONLINE  INTERNATIONAL EVENT 

For this event, we gathered a panel of international experts on the topic of Generative AI and its implications for education. Confirmed speakers are: 

  • Gualtiero Fantoni from the University of Pisa. His research primarily focuses on design theory and natural language processing and its applications in engineering practice
  • Manuel Ninuas from the University of Graz. His general research interests include educational technologies, AI, and multi-modal learning analytics. In particular, he focuses on the development, use, and empirical evaluation of interactive digital technologies with a particular emphasis on game-based learning environments to foster numerical abilities, executive functions, and computational thinking.
  • Bhoomika Agarwal is a PhD Candidate at the Open University of The Netherlands. Her research explores the intricate ethical dimensions of AI integration in educational settings. With a keen focus on the intersection of education, technology and ethics. She endeavours to foster dialogue and develop a framework that promotes ethical considerations in the implementation of AI-based educational tools

The panel discussion will be moderated by Filippo Chiarello, ENCORE’s Project Coordinator & Alessandra Antonaci, ENCORE’s Dissemination Manager


26 February 2024- Unlocking the Future of Education – Your Ally for Green, Digital, and Entrepreneurial Learning.

In a post-pandemic scenario, transitioning to a society that embraces technological innovation, creativity and careful consideration of human and environmental sustainability is a concern for the EU region. How can education support such an endeavor? Inclusive and quality education is called into question; however, education professionals need to reflect and experiment to ensure the best, possible ways. In this session, we discuss several educators experiences and ideas after trying the ENCORE, an AI-driven system, as an ally in their search to promote DGE skills.

11 December 2023- Personalized and Playful Education: introducing to the ENCORE platform

About ENCORE’s AI-driven framework, adapting to each learner and advancing educational technology.

Educators, learners, and professionals, discover the future of education with the ENCORE Educational Platform. This cutting-edge technology revolutionises learning in higher education and corporate environments through personalization and playfulness.

14 February 2023 at 10:00 CET –  Put the OERs in one place! We tell you how..

This webinar addresses the problems related to the heterogeneity of OER sources through a domain engineering point of view and provides a primer on web scraping with Python, offering useful tips based on the ENCORE project experience. Anyone interested in Open Educational Resources and data management is welcome, as the main concepts discussed are independent of technical details. However, some web scraping tips are more focused on people with a background in programming.Mapping the skills of the future: Artificial Intelligence and Human Expertise to Foresee Green, Digital and Entrepreneurial Skill

11 January 2023 Artificial Intelligence for mapping the skills of the future

Mapping the skills of the future: Artificial Intelligence and Human Expertise to Foresee Green, Digital and Entrepreneurial Skill