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The concept of VR via NLP Analysis of Wikipedia - Photo Credit to Filippo Chiarello

Graphs of relations between concepts in OERs

Our objective is to be able to generate a graph representing relations between concepts extracted from an OER (or a set of OERs). Starting from a dataset of 118,808 OERs, we have utilised Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction techniques to extract all the concepts mentioned in their title and/or description. Given a subset of OERs (e.g., all the OERs containing the skill Virtual reality), we determined if there exists a relation between all the identified concepts of the selected educational resources through an automatic analysis of their Wikipedia pages. The concepts extracted from the OERs and the relations identified among them are the input data for the generation of graphs, where the nodes are the concepts and the edges represent the relations between them. The picture demonstrates an example of these graphs, showing the concepts of the OERs which cover the skill Virtual reality.

Which are the concepts that you could be interested in learning if you want to obtain knowledge about Virtual reality? Starting from a set of Open Educational Resources revolving around a given skill, we are able to identify all the concepts covered in their materials. Through a further analysis which involves the exploitation of Wikipedia, we then establish relations between the concepts. The result is the following graph, where the concepts related to Virtual reality are shown

TEXT: Filippo Chiarello