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The role of Adecco Training in the ENCORE Project

ENCORE project focuses on skills for future challenges, referencing green, digital and entrepreneurial-intrapreneurial fields. The aim is to leverage the knowledge enclosed in Open Educational Resources (OER)using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to support teachers in developing pedagogical guidelines and intended learning outcomes. It involves 13 partners from 6 different countries
One of the project objectives is to establish and provide a required frame for collaborations between the industry and academic sectors to enable the exchange of knowledge, demands, ideas, training and staff.  
It is the first time for Adecco Training to take part in this kind of project, a great and enriching opportunity and of whom we are very proud and grateful to bring our contribution to the ENCORE project, in the validation of GDE skills(Green, Digital and entrepreneurial – intrapreneurial skills), OER Database and internal platform prototype testing
On the one hand, we are convinced that we will learn a lot in a win-win mindset and could use resources embedded in the OER platform to design innovative multimodal solutions and improve the impact of our training approach. This will enable Adecco Training to make both employees and job applicants more prepared and attractive for the labour market

Text: Stéphane CRETUAL (Adecco Training)
Photo credit: European Training Foundation