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Partners’ Meeting in Gothenburg

From September 13th to 14th took place the third consortium meeting of our project in Goteborg and guess what? We had an absolute blast.

We began with a warm welcome from the coordinator Filippo Chiarello (UniPi) and then CHA and Valuedo set the stage for the discussions to follow. FBK then delved into the “Validation E4E and E4D Enablers”, providing valuable insights into the project’s progress. Following this, OREC presented the outcomes of the readiness study, shedding light on our next steps.

After a well-deserved lunch break, we engaged in a collaborative session on the ENCORE business model canvas. This was spearheaded by UNIPI, with contributions from BMU. The day concluded with an update from EADTU on our dissemination activities, highlighting the strides we’ve made in promoting ENCORE.

On the subsequent day, ValueDo outlined the agenda, ensuring we were all aligned. UNIPD shared the ENCORE pedagogical guidelines and introduced the concept of staff development activities, specifically Educathons. Later, OREC and FBK discussed the Open Recognition Infrastructure implementation, a pivotal aspect of our project. Additionally, FBK and USAL presented their proposal on integrating ENCORE Enablers with LMS. The meeting wrapped up with UNIPI and ValueDo outlining the roadmap ahead for ENCORE.

We also had the pleasure of experiencing Goteborg’s hospitality during our dinner event, a delightful end to our productive meeting.

Stay tuned following us: #OER_ENCORE

Text: Alessandra Antonaci

Photo Credit: Alessandra Antonaci and Beau Nijsten

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