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Educators can now claim their Open Badges

ENCORE, is all about reuse and development of Open Educational Resources (OER). It has released a series of  Open Badges to recognise the contributions of educators to Open Education, these are:

– Aware: This badge acknowledges the interest in Open Education principles and practices.

– Explorer: This badge signifies active exploration of Open Education Practices and engagement with the community.

– Practitioner: This badge recognises the integration of Open Education Practices into teaching and learning activities.

– Expert: This badge denotes advanced expertise in Open Education and leadership within the community.

These badges have been produced using ORCA (Open Recognition Community App) a novel application that fosters a collaborative environment where participants can contribute to the development and validation of badges, ensuring their relevance and authenticity. This community-driven approach empowers educators to shape the recognition system, providing a sense of ownership and shared purpose.

More advanced features are scheduled for release in the coming months. Stay tuned for exciting developments #OER_ENCORE and let’s push together the boundaries of community-driven recognition!

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Text: Serge Ravet