WEBINAR EVENT ON SAN VALENTINE DAY! Put the OERs in One Place! We tell you how

The ENCORE project aims, among other goals, to assist students and workers in acquiring the skills necessary to deal with economic, ecological, and technological challenges as well as to address the skills gap between the supply of educational institutions and the demand of employers. Furthermore, it plans to assist educators in staying abreast of the constantly changing landscape of skills. One of the first steps to reach the project’s goals is to build a database that contains quality OERs linked to green, digital, and entrepreneurial (GDE) skills. However, OERs are scattered among different sources and repositories, and it can be difficult to find appropriate materials given a specific necessity. For these reasons, it is crucial to unify the sources and characterise each OER properly to develop a robust database. On February 14th at 10:00 (CET), Dr. Andrea Vázquez-Ingelmo detailed the workflow and techniques followed in tackling the extraction of OERs from different repositories and their integration into an open database

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