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ENCORE presented at the Battle of the Brains!

Vito Giordano, PhD Candidate of the University of Pisa, participated in the debate to share the perspectives of the European projects ENCORE and ASSETs+

His intervention took place on December 7th, 2022 and was titled “The entanglement of technical and transversal skills in emerging fields”.

In particular, he presented the methodological approach adopted in the WP2 “Unwrapping green, digital and entrepreneurial (GDE) skills” of the ENCORE project, highlighting 3 main strengths:

  • Data: It is important to collect data to support the decision-making process with objective evidence.
  • Method: We should rely on structured methodsto analyse the data and leading the decision-making process.
  • Results: Technical expert knowledge should need to interpret the insights resulted from the analysis

Battle of the Brains is a two-days scientific initiative, organised by a group of PhD Students from the University of Pisa. It focuses on the debate about the relations between Humanities and STEM, with a focus on the professional profile of the engineer.