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Photo Credit Andrea Vázquez Ingelmo

The ENCORE’s OERs Database

The ENCORE OER database is a searchable open database containing Open Educational Resources (OERs) on green, digital, and entrepreneurial (GDE) skills. This database is available and it will be soon launched, it contains currently more than 118000 OERs. The database’s OERs have been extracted through a web-scraping approach and selected after applying a set of quality guidelines developed by Beam Me Up (BMU), following the workflow presented in the next figure.

Fifteen repositories of OERs (ROERs) were analyzed to check if the web-scraping approach was feasible and if the required data for the project was available. Three ROERs were discarded due to the lack of meta-data to perform the quality assessment. A total of 229739 OERs were extracted from the twelve remaining ROERs, ending with 118808 quality OERs after the quality assessment and data cleaning processes were applied. The selected OERs will be linked to GDE skills in the following tasks, adding precious information to the database.

TEXT: Andrea Vázquez Ingelmo