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Workshop in Salamanca- a co-design exercise

Within ENCORE we engaged in a co-design exercise. One of the most relevant problems in OER platforms and portals is the low level of engagement and usage. So we are working hard to develop scenarios and use cases that will provide the educators with relevant contextual information and examples of practice. We built over the research on learning design, considering technology integration within the educational practice (and particularly new intelligent systems like the ENCORE approach) can be part of what has been called an “ill-defined” problem. In short, very often we have the technologies at hand (like OER portals and repositories). Still, we are not able to imagine how such an instrument will be or can be integrated to solve some of the problems we find and solve along with designing our lesson plans or a module or lesson. We hope that other educators and learners will join in this discussion further during the project!

Text: Juliana Elisa Rafaghelli

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