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In one place you can find them ALL!

The ENCORE database provides the repository of OERs (Open Education Resources). Those OERs were collected from different well-known repositories through an automated collection system and passed a quality process to ensure that the OERs are suitable for their use in different learning contexts to work green, digital and entrepreneurial skills. The ENCORE database has been unified following the Dublin Core metadata model with the goal of improving the interoperability of these resources among different systems.

The database will be the core of other tools developed as part of ENCORE. USAL-University of Salamanca is currently working on the interoperability mechanisms to provide external systems with the OERs stored in the ENCORE database. These mechanisms are being implemented as API endpoints and will be a crucial part of the ENCORE technological ecosystem. The API endpoints will be also employed by the ENCORE enablers to provide educators and learners with the collected OERs.

In particular, one of the cases in which the APIs will be used is the integration between ENCORE and learning management platforms such as Moodle, so teachers will be able to integrate OERs curated by ENCORE in their own instructional designs.

Text: Andrea Vázquez-Ingelmo, Alicia García-Holgado (SAL)
©Alicia García-Holgado