You are currently viewing 📣  Exciting News! The ENCORE project is revolutionising education with OER and NLP!  

📣  Exciting News! The ENCORE project is revolutionising education with OER and NLP!  

🔍  Discover the Future of Learning: ENCORE is an innovative project that combines cutting-edge data-driven techniques and qualitative pedagogy to empower teachers and students alike! 
🔗   Leveraging Open Educational Resources (OER) and ESCO skills taxonomy, ENCORE harnesses the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract invaluable knowledge from OER texts. 
💡  With NLP, ENCORE unlocks the potential to identify and link skills most affected by new macro trends, such as digitalisation, climate change, and post-COVID economic recovery. By understanding the content of documents, ENCORE guides teachers in designing courses with learning outcomes closely aligned with these critical skills. 
🌐  ENCORE’s database bridges the gap between OER and ESCO, organising relevant resources and skills side by side. This comprehensive knowledge hub ensures that educators have access to up-to-date and relevant content for their courses. 
🛠️   But that’s not all! ENCORE also introduces enablers—powerful software applications that support teachers in designing and assessing educational actions based on the ENCORE database. 
📚  The ENCORE approach, combining the ENCORE database, enablers, and pedagogical guidelines, will be piloted by our dedicated partnership, reaching educators across higher education, vocational training, and companies. Together, we will reshape the future of education! 
🏆  Recognition matters! ENCORE embraces digital-by-design courses, implementing an open recognition process. Students’ skills and achievements will be certified, unlocking new opportunities and paving the way for their future success!
🗓️   Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this transformative journey! Together, we will empower learners to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Join us and be a part of the education revolution!

Text: Alexandros Tzallas (HOU)
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