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ENCORE enablers

Designing the ENCORE Enablers

ENCORE pedagogical enablers are software applications directed to educators and learners that will facilitate the interaction with the ENCORE OER enriched database.

ENCORE has two different enablers: the Enabler for Educators (E4E) for supporting teachers in learning design activities using ENCORE tools and the Enabler for Learners (E4L) to facilitate students in exploring their learning paths in a personalized and engaging way. 

To make the ENCORE solutions engaging for learners and educators, the project leverages gamification and self-regulated learning thanks to the experience of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), which is currently working on prototypes and mock-ups for the enablers, and the whole ENCORE consortium will be involved in a co-design and validation process.

The educational activities developed using the ENCORE enablers will be piloted inside the project partnership and on a broad audience of external educators.


TEXT by Antonio Bucchiarone and Gianluca Schiavo (FBK)

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